How to Display a Diagram

To view a diagram, you must first select the person who you want to be the root of the diagram (the only exception to this is the Everyone diagram that requires no root - see below). Select the person's record (you don't have to be in the Records Window to do this - there is usually a way of selecting a record in most windows) and click on the View Ancestors button , the View Descendants button , the View Ancestors & Descendants button , or the View All Relatives button , on the main toolbar. Alternatively, click on View > Standard Diagrams and select any of a list of standard diagrams, including the Everyone diagram.

When the diagram opens, it will use the default options for diagrams of that type. But you can immediately change any of these if you wish. Click on Diagram > Options to open the Diagram Options Dialog and choose from an extensive range of options. All options except those marked in red can be changed on-the-fly. You can change the red options too, but be aware that with these options, the diagram will have to be rebuilt to make the changes, and this will mean that if you have expanded or closed branches, or moved or resized boxes, these changes will be lost.

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