How to Create a Custom Fact (Event or Attribute)

Family Historian comes with a large number of pre-defined fact types, such as Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, etc (see How to Record Facts About a Person's Life for a complete list) but you may want to create some custom events or attributes of your own. For example, suppose you wanted to record what people's hobbies were. 'Hobby' is not a standard attribute, but you can easily add it as a custom one. To create a new event or attribute click on the New button in the Event/Attribute List Dialog and fill in the details in the forms displayed. Once you have created a new custom event or attribute, that event or attribute will always afterwards be available for you to use, and add to any Individual's record, exactly as you can use and standard events and attributes. So, for example, once you have created a new fact definition for your 'Hobby' attribute you will be able to add it (as many times as you like) to any Individual's record to record information about their hobbies.

See also Work with Fact Sets.


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