How to Add a Picture for an Individual

Before you can add a picture, you must have the picture in the form of a file on your hard computer. If you have a digital camera, this should come with instructions on how to get your pictures onto your computer. If you have a printed picture you will need to use a scanner to scan it in. You can use any picture format you like if you simply want to store the picture, and if you have a 3rd party software product which Family Historian can use to display the picture. But if you want Family Historian to display pictures for you (for instance in diagrams and webpages) you must use the following formats:

Adding a picture into Family Historian is a 2-stage process. The reason for this is that pictures are, or can be, shared between multiple records. The most common example of this is that if you have a picture with several people in it, the same picture can be linked to all the people in the picture. In order for this to be possible, Family Historian has to create a multimedia record to represent the picture itself (stage 1); then the picture (via its multimedia record) can be linked to all the Individuals who are in it, or to other records (stage 2).

To insert a picture, click on Insert > Pictures. Then locate the picture file you want to insert, select it and press OK. If you want, you can select multiple pictures within a given folder (e.g. by clicking on one and then pressing the shift key while clicking on the last, to select all pictures in-between) and insert them all in one go.

When you insert a picture, the picture will displayed in the Multimedia Window. Ordinarily when you have a picture which shows people, if you have records for these Individuals in your file, you will want to link the picture to them. See How to Link Individuals to Their Face in a Picture for instructions on how to do this. If you just want to link an Individual to a picture without linking them to their face in the picture (e.g. if they were the photographer) click on the New Link/Note button . When asked what you want to link to, leave the selection as the default ("an Individual") and press OK. Then select the Individual in question. Repeat for all the Individuals you want to link to.

All records linked to the picture will be displayed in the middle pane of the Multimedia Window, on the left-hand side. There is no limit to the number of Individuals (or other records) who can be linked to the same picture.

If you want to add a note about the link (e.g. "Giving his Best Man speech") you can type it in the edit box in the bottom pane on the left side.

For convenience, it is possible to add a picture of a person (stage 1), and link the picture to them (stage 2) in a single step. To do this, select the person's record (you don't have to be in the Records Window to do this - there is usually a way of selecting a record in most windows) and click on Insert > Pictures. Then locate the picture file and select it. Where it says "Insert as new..." near the bottom of the dialog box, select "... record linked to <name of individual>" and press OK. The picture is added to your file as a new Multimedia record and it is automatically linked to the selected Individual. However if you then want to extend the link to be directly to the person's face, you must select the linked record in the middle pane on the left-side and click on the Add Frame button to associate that link with a particular face in the picture.

It is a good idea, if possible to provide a date when a picture was taken in the Date field, as Family Historian can use this to calculate the ages of the Individuals in the picture at the time the photograph was taken (if their dates of birth are known).

See also Multimedia Records and How to View All Pictures.


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