Diagram Options Dialog: Lines Tab


Solid Lines Connecting Relatives Select the colour and thickness of solid lines connecting relatives
Dotted Lines Connecting Relatives Dotted lines are used primarily in the All Relatives diagram, though can also appear elsewhere. Select the colour and thickness you want.

Note: In Windows 98 and ME only ‘dotted lines’ will appear solid if you choose a thickness greater than 0.5pt.

Note also: In Windows 2000, XP and later versions of Windows, Family Historian will ensure that dotted lines never print at less than 0.5 pt to ensure good printing results. You can however disable this feature by checking Use printer default thickness for thin dotted lines on the Print tab of the Diagram Options dialog, if you wish.

Marriage Status Line Options Choose the kind of lines you wish to see for couples with a non-default (married) marriage status. The normal line type is 2 solid lines. The alternative option is ‘crossed-out’ (the 2 lines will have a line crossed through them) and ‘dotted’.

These options have no effect if spouses are not displayed in their own boxes.

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