Map Life Facts Plugin

Map Life Facts Plugin Window

This Plugin uses Google Mapping Services and Google Geocoding Services to plot markers on web page maps. The Latitude & Longitude are plotted from Fact locations held in Place or Address fields within your GEDCOM database.

Hover the cursor over any item to get a popup tooltip. For details of the features see:

First time users can click the Geocode Plot All Locations button to plot Place names, but if there are too many, then after a while use the Stop Plotting Locations button to halt plotting.

Use the Next Plotted button to review the accuracy of plotted locations, and the Next Unplotted button to identify unrecognised locations. The Geocode Location Plots help page advises how to improve plotting.

On the Create Web Page Maps tab, click the Map This Individual button to create a Web Page Map for the currently chosen Individual and display it in your default browser. The Create Web Page Maps help page explains how to use other options.

Explore Set Preference Options that govern plot accuracy & style, and allow maps to be integrated with Family Tree CD/Website web pages.

BEWARE: This Plugin only works with FH V5 if Windows > Control Panel > Region and Language > Decimal symbol is the dot (.) character.

CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International
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